Sweating in the Vienna Heat


It’s been a hot Summer in Vienna, and it’s not finished yet. This week temperatures hit 31C. My (still) pale skin has been fried once again, and I feel like I’m overdosing on Vitamin D. I’m still not used to this climate.

In London the average temperature in Winter is 7C and in Summer 18C. In Vienna it’s about 0C and 20C, respectively. That means I’ve moved from a 11C yearly difference to 20C – about twice as much. When living in London it’s usually possible to wear jeans and trainers the whole year and then add a raincoat or remove a jumper to get through the different seasons. No need for any fancy specialised clothing.

Since moving to Vienna I’ve found that for the first time I need a “Winter wardrobe” and a “Summer wardrobe”. So for Summer I now have shorts(!) and flip-flops(!!), and for Winter I have a proper winter coat and hat and scarf. I even have winter shoes and summer shoes. Twice a year, in Spring and in Autumn, there’s a ritualistic changing of the wardrobe, where clothing gets pulled out of suitcases hidden under the bed.

In a few weeks it should be that time of year again, but at the moment it really doesn’t feel like it. Summer’s still in full swing.