Double Duvets


Most double beds in Vienna, in hotels and private accommodation, have 2 single duvets on them.

When I first discovered this seemly innocuous fact it blew apart my understanding of how partners sleep around the world. Until that day, I had assumed that people the world over share a duvet when sleeping together. All my impressions from TV shows and films backed up my thinking. It was such a shared experience, that any comedian telling a joke about their partner “stealing the duvet in the night” is guaranteed to elicit a knowing chuckle from the audience.

But it turns out my thinking was too Anglo-centric! There are countries, and it appears Austria is one of them, where the age-old predicament of nocturnal blanket theft is avoided by providing each person with their own duvet. Why didn’t we think of it before? It makes so much sense!

And yet, it feels wrong.